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Treatment Options

Are there any conservative options?

A healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and some weight loss would be helpful. If the patient was over-weight, weight loss would be certainly important.

In general, dietary measures are important and mandatory for obese patients.

Sleeping on the side might be helpful, in order to prevent the tongue from falling back and obstructing the airway.

What is Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (nCPAP)?

This is a non-invasive method of treatment, it entails using continuous positive airway pressure by a nasal mask worn by the patient throughout the night. CPAP is the most effective and frequently used treatment for OSA, but the issue of compliance is a major problem.

As the patient does not use the mask the whole night, it would not be effective.

What are Oral Appliances (OA)

These are mouthpieces that are worn while sleeping to prevent the airway from collapsing. It works by repositioning the tongue or mandible forward.

Does surgery work?

Yes. It would work for selected group of patients with identifiable nose, palate or tongue obstruction and/or narrowing.

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